Adult Ministry

Westwood offers multiple ministry expressions to help adults grow in their faith.

Sunday School

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Prayer Life

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Special Events

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Sunday School

There are distinct classes for adults The classes are diverse in their approach to teaching and in the curricula they choose.

Classes use curricula from Smyth & Helwys, Nurturing Faith, BaptistWay Press, and others that they believe will meet the needs of their class. Each class attempts to meet the individual and corporate needs of its members through study and fellowship. Many classes engage in mission projects and are active in ministry outside the class time.

Our overall goal is to provide an environment of lifelong learning that enables adults to mature in faith, deepen relationships, and learn to invest their God-given gifts in ministry. We want to assist you in finding a class which meets your needs and in which you can grow and serve.

Westwood also provides short term special focus small group Bible study experiences during the Sunday School hour.


Adult Sunday School teachers and literature: (Of note, there are no age-specific classes for adults and most classes tend to be wide ranges of age except as noted below.) Guests are welcome to visit a different class each Sunday to find where you are most comfortable.

(Upper Level)

Fellowship Hall, Adult 15 – Teacher, Terry Campbell, subs Carolyn Hopkins, Sarah Balkcum, George Parker.  Mostly 70’s and up.  Current study: Connections, a regular Sunday School publication, Smyth & Helwys Bible study curriculum.

Room 200, Adults 5 – Teacher: Paul Folmsbee, Subs: Horace Robertson and Steve Carraway.  Typically 60s and up. Zoom and in-person format. Current study: Connections, a regular Sunday School publication, Smyth & Helwys Bible study curriculum.

Room 201, Adults 12 – Teacher: Craig Groce and Talmage Williams.  Wide age range.  This class has a discussion format. Current study: Connections, a regular Sunday School publication, Smyth & Helwys Bible study curriculum.

Room 206, International Friends – Teacher, Louise Yarbrough.  For international students who want to study the Bible in English.

Room 207, Adults 14 – Teacher, George Parker. This is a Bible book based study, for adults of all ages. Current Study: the Book of Acts.

Room 208, Adults 7 – Jerry Richards.  Wide age range, for persons who enjoy an interactive class and large group discussion.  Current study: Nurturing Faith Journal and Bible Studies, a regular Sunday School publication from Baptist Today, Inc., Bible study curriculum.

Room 209, Intergenerational Single Adults – Teacher: Jackie Woodcock.  Single and single again – divorced, widowed or never married,  mid 40s and up. Current study: A Drive Through History: The Gospels

(Lower Level)

Room 106, Young Families, Adults 2 – Teachers, Jim and Christy Straight.  Parents of young children and grade school children. Current study:  Ten Women of the Bible by Max Lucado.

Room 108, Adults 8 – Teacher: Norm Dion.  Informal, “conversational” expository study of various books of the Bible to learn what the Word has to say about everyday life, spiritual growth, what we believe, social issues, and family life. Wide age range – from early 40’s and up.  Current study:  Genesis

Room 111, Adults 1 – Teacher:  Jody Hutto.  Parents of youth, college and young adults. A regular Sunday School publication, Baptists Today Bible study curriculum. Current study: Simon Peter by Adam Hamilton. 

Room 109, Adults 3 – Teacher: Ron Bright and David Duke.  Wide age-range from early forties to seventy-something; this class is for persons who like Bible study and lively discussion. Current study: Comparison of the Gospels.

Prayer Life

Westwood hosts an open early morning intimate prayer gathering on Tuesday mornings.

A newer tradition for us have become annual Deacon led prayer focus gatherings. For the past several years our Deacons have hosted a number of small group prayer and fellowship gatherings where people could share their prayer needs and spend time praying together.

Special Events

Winter Bible Study features an invited Biblical scholar that leads us through a time of worship and several hours of high quality instruction.

Wednesday evening and weekday short term special focused small group book studies, video series, and Bible studies.
Short term focused learning opportunities like: parenting, relationships, finances, spiritual disciplines (prayer, Bible study, worship, service), stress/crisis, and mental health.

For more information, contact our Associate Pastor for Adult Discipleship and Facilities.