For some the celebration of Christmas is a bit more difficult. While others around them are filled with holiday cheer, they find themselves feeling a bit blue. Sometimes they have experienced the loss of a loved one. For some the passing of a loved one is recent. For others, while the calendar tells them that time has passed, the loss still feels fresh. The empty chair at the table still draws their attention and tugs at the hearts. For still others, the reason for their pass or loss comes from a different place. It may emerge from a life change that has disrupted their life, and their way of life. It may emerge from the loss of a job, a broken relationship, or a broken dream.
This Sunday, December 20th, at noon, we will offer a Blue Christmas service in our Sanctuary. It is something new to our church family. It is a simple service of remembrance and hope. It may be of particular value in a season like this one. The Blue Christmas service will be an intimate worship experience where each participant will be invited to a time of music, Scripture, prayer, and a word of hope. It is a participatory service. The promise of Christmas is that God is with us. This service will lean into that promise. This special service will be offered both in-person and online.  You can livestream the service on our Vimeo link at or on our YouTube and Facebook page.