Horizon 2020

2020 Focus

Equipping our congregation for engaging our community


Bereavement Committee
  1. Determine standardized meal and reception plans to offer to families we serve and familiarize members with those changes.
  2. In partnership with Church Council, establish roles, rules, guidelines, and expectation for our bereavement ministry.
  3. In partnership with Stewardship Committee, establish funding so that the standardized meals and receptions can include the purchase of prepared foods.
  1. Continue to develop a process to ensure a meaningful and consistent visitation program of our homebound and others in need of spiritual care and encouragement.
  2. Grow deacon engagement in the life of our church, our congregation, and our community
  3. Developing a mentoring and training model for deacons.
Fellowship Committee
  1. Assist the Properties Committee in bringing the kitchen to a more commercial level to increase its functionality and ease of use through offering suggestions, labor and fund-raising opportunities.
  2. Coordinate with others, the Church Hostess, and other committees in providing congregational fellowship opportunities in addition to the ones currently offered during the holidays.


Music and Worship Committee
  1. Create a dynamic and diverse worship experience for everyone at Westwood Baptist Church.
  2. Carry our dynamic and diverse worship experience to our community and the world.
  3. Share the love of Jesus out in our community through the arts.
  4. Pursue opportunities to connect area musicians with Westwood Baptist Church.
  5. Use our musical gifts to support other committees and ministries of the church.


Christian Education (Discipleship) Committee
  1. Continue to provide short-term discipleship classes during the Sunday school hour, as well as looking for ways to increase our weekday discipleship options.
  2. Continue to support and encourage Financial Peace University short-term courses.
  3. Provide Westwood “Nuts and Bolts” workshop to help new members discover and engage in discipleship and ministry opportunities.
  4. Offer Sunday School Teacher training, such as a Master Class or other opportunities, to support their continual growth as they help make disciples.
  5. Offer short-term Bible Studies and other Christian Education events based upon results from feedback, surveys, and other tools designed to engage and respond to congregational needs and desires.
Children’s Ministry Committee
  1. Secure more resources for Children’s Ministry
    • Training leaders
    • Expand base of volunteers
  2. In partnership with the Personnel Committee (MinistrySafe) and the Church Council, update current policies and procedures to ensure all current and new volunteers are appropriately trained.
  3. Create a more cohesive approach to discipleship throughout the Children’s Department.
  4. Implement a special gathering for children (all ages combined) on Sunday mornings.
Youth Ministry Committee
  1. Engage members and non-member youth outside of the church walls.
    • Engage our community
    • Develop/Create opportunities for engaging member and non-member youth and families
  2. Provide resources and training for youth’s parents and youth leadership in coordination with Christian Education Committee.
    • Bring in speakers
    • Provide articles and resources
  3. Expand the base of volunteers involved in youth ministry
Young Adult Ministry
  1. Establish a monthly event called “Second Sunday” that will provide a time and space for meal/study/discussion/fellowship for young adults.
  2. Explore the possibility of creating an in-home small group for young professionals.
Senior Adult Committee
  1. Continue to provide regular fellowship opportunities
    • Seek ways to link with nearby senior Retirement Centers in order to assist with loneliness, other social and Spiritual needs of residents
    • Look for other ways to reach out to others in the community
  2. Offer regular Senior Adult focused trips, with one spectacular trip annually.
  3. Develop Senior Connection Networks
    • Work with the church staff, Deacons, Sunday School teachers, and others to ensure that there is a supportive relationship provided to each Senior Adult at Westwood
    • Seniors attempt to orchestrate an intergenerational ministry through these networks throughout Westwood


Missions Committee
  1. Develop Mission Partner/Relationships
    • Complete transparency with the church
    • Who do we choose to support? Why are we supporting? Where are they located? What is the impact?
  2. Growing Transformational Missions Relationships
    • Focus on missions opportunities that can transform a life
    • Become less task focused
  3. Identify Local Missions Relationships
    • Welcome House, Baptist Build
    • Have a missional impact in our local community
  4. Develop Adult Missions Education Opportunities
    • Local partners come to speak to the church
    • Educate on who they impact, why their ministry is important, and how does God call you to serve
Community Engagement Team
  1. Provide quarterly “Get to Know Westwood” events to introduce visitors to our staff and church community.
  2. Create and execute events designed to impact and engage our community.


Personnel Committee
  1. Lead Westwood into becoming a MinistrySafe church.
  2. Review Church Staff in conjunctions with financial processes.
  3. Develop Westwood Staff Care Plan.
  4. Create a Church Staffing Plan based on church size, funding, and role responsibilities; with attention to which roles should be full time and which should be part time.
Placement Committee
  1. Create Standard Information Set
    • Committee Information Template
  2. Investigate how to better examine congregation for gifts, talents, and passions toward placement.
  3. Place 80% of New Members within first year
    • Committee marketing minute-spotlight for recruiting
    • Engage new and returning members –areas of interest
Properties Committee
  1. Facility Maintenance: Implement Preventative Maintenance Contracts, Evaluate Routine Maintenance
  2. Facility Improvements: Establish Security Procedures
  3. Space Utilization/Optimization: Create a Mid-Sized Meeting Space
  4. Professional Work Environment: Review office equipment needs (April 2020), Replace aging office furniture, insure adequate space for interns
  5. Policies: Properties will work to provide recommendations for reasonable usage costs and procedures. Church Council will review and act on the recommendations and consider other appropriate usage guidelines.
Stewardship Committee
  1. Recommend Comprehensive Financial Policies for Church Operations
    • Define and Clarify Expectations
    • Determine Good Segregation of Duties
    • Provide Standardization and Transparency
    • Provide Accountability
  2. Explore Giving Options
    • Online giving with good education and support
    • Estate giving
    • Other
  3. Explore Additional Revenue Generating Options
    • Solar energy to subsidize electrical costs
    • Cell tower rental agreements
    • Other