You may have to look at the picture closely. When you do, you will see a collection of spots. No, there are not stains on our carpet. These are “sit spots.” We continue to work through how we can provide the best worship opportunities for children, while still trying to be COVID wise. As a part of that process, one of the things that we discovered was a tool they are using in schools across the country. These “sit spots” help kids know where to sit, while keeping an appropriate distance from one another. Since we introduced online worship last March, our Children’s Message has been pre-recorded or spoken from the platform. We felt that these were the right steps at this time.
Beginning this Sunday we will invite children that are with us for in-person worship to come and find their spot where they can better engage with the children’s message for the day. Whether children come forward will be the choice of each parent, but we want to move forward in being prepared for children to find their place and feel welcomed in worship.