Young Adult Ministry

Westwood is committed to providing meaningful opportunities for young adults to grow and serve as a part of our faith community.

We are offering a increasing array of places for ministry connection:

Second Sunday

Second Sunday is a lunch and Bible study gathering following worship on the second Sunday each month. It is designed to be a safe place for constructive conversations on the issues we face every day from a Biblical perspective.

Small Group

A new small group has emerged for young couples. They are alternating their monthly gathering between Bible study and social gatherings. It is intended to be a place where young couples can find connection, community, and encouragement.

Young Adult Handbell Choir

The Young Adult Handbell Choir is a great place to connect with those who have a heart for worship and a willingness to share their time and talents side by side.

Sunday Morning Live

Sunday Morning Live: Building Families of Faith is a Sunday school class for parents with children. This class is an active group that is a great resource and a meaningful place to walk in community with those sharing the parenting journey together.